Los elementos

About me

“When I photograph, what I´m really doing is seeking answers to things”
(Wynn Bullock)


  When I was 16 years old, I bought my first photography books and my first cameras at “The Alameda de Hércules” market in Seville. This was an outdoor second-hand market, where you could find almost everything. I began to practice, search and learn, in a self-taught way, and then I studied Photolab and Digital Imaging Processing at Néstor Almendros, a school of photography and audiovisual media in Seville.
At the same time, to supplement my photography studies, I completed an internship at the local radio where I worked as a sound technician. I continued gaining knowledge in the photography field and, once finished the school, I interned at a well-known photography studio in the Andalusian capital. A few months later, I was working sporadically as a photographer assistant at weddings, christenings and communions events.

Later, I focused professionally on the audiovisual world, working on different events in and out of Spain.
Being in contact with the music business has helped me to draw on the knowledge that I acquired in diverse work proyects related to photography, multimedia and graphic design.

In my pictures, there are messages, spaces and a background. There´s an intention and, in some cases even,the personal search of certain minimalist. Every image is a latend memory the takes me to the book I was reading then or to the music I was listening to at that time. There´s symbology, and a constant and persistent attitude of saying something with every single image.
I try to transmit feelings, seek and find those fleeting and unrepeatable moments that only the camera is able to catch; those moments which are sensed seconds before pressing the shutter…